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Mounting Accessories of Corral Panels

The corral panel hookups with green coating

Corral hookups

Corral hookups
Our corral hookups & pins are specially designed for those who prefer to mount their corral gate panel to the wall. Our hookups are hot-dipped galvanized or paint coated to ensure they will not rust in outdoor applications unless the coating is badly damaged. Our corral hookups are available in any color to suit your panel style. Meanwhile, they can be sold separately upon request.

Three main types of fence post for corral panels

Fence post

Fence post
To enhance the strength of corral panels or mount swing gate, our company offers three types of fence post for our customers as shown in the left picture. CPP-1 is a type of start post when you start a single run of stall; while CPP-2 and CPP-3 are designed for connecting panels in a line. They are manufactured from 2" OD 16 gauge galvanized or powder coated steel tubing. Any custom size is available.

A galvanized horseshoe latch mounted to a corral gate panel

Horseshoe latch

Horseshoe latch
Our horseshoe latch, made of heavy duty steel are generally used to lock right or left handed doors as well as dress up your stable door. Normally, they are 10" long and 5.5" tall with black powder coating or heavy zinc coating to protect them from rust and corrosion. Upon your request, they can be painted in any color to suit your panel style.

Two types of galvanized gate hinges

Gate hinge

Gate hinges
Steel gate hinge SGH-1 with 6" threaded hanger bolt is designed for all types of swing gates. Gate hinge SGH-2 with post clamp is ideal for hanging gates with round support posts in diameter of 2-3/8". All the gate hinges are hot dipped galvanized or color painted for resisting rust, corrosion and UV.

Three types of galvanized corral panel clamps

Panel clamps

Panel clamps
Steel panel clamp SPC-1 is designed for clamping two panels together; SPC-2 is ideal for fixing panel to a fence post and SPC-3 is used to fix corral panels to the wall.
SPC-1: suitable for 1-3/8", 1-5/8" and 1-7/8" OD tubing.
SPC-2: suitable for 2-3/8" × 1-5/8"; 2-7/8" × 1-5/8" OD tubing.
SPC-3: 1-5/8" and 1-7/8" OD tubing.


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