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Dog Kennels - Comfortable, Safe and Secure

A dog kennel refers to a structure or shelter for your dogs and cats. They are generally used for pet storage, temporary fencing or providing an exercise area. As the professional manufacturer of dog kennel, our company can provide quality products that will last for years. The main advantages of our dog kennels are listed below.


  • Modular kennel system - available in various configurations.
  • Galvanized or powder coated steel material for excellent rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Pre-fabricated panels and gates make it easy to assemble and install.
  • Kennel doors open inward to prevent dogs from escaping.
  • Square corner design and lockable latch for further security.
  • Pipe ends are sealed to prevent water leaking into.
  • Available with small bottom legs on each panel for easier cleaning.
  • Clamps, gate hinges, bolts and nuts are included to connect kennel panels together.
  • Available in height from 3' to 6' and in width from 5' to 10'.
  • Custom colors and designs are available upon your request.

Dog kennels are available in four main types as shown in the following pictures:

A galvanized dog kennel with welded wire mesh welded to the pipe frame.

Welded wire dog kennel

A galvanized dog kennel with metal bar panel

Metal bar dog kennel

A galvanized dog kennel with chain wire mesh fabricated to the pipe frame.

Chain wire dog kennel

A galvanized dog kennel with woven wire mesh welded to pipe frame

Woven wire dog kennel

Welded wire dog kennel
Welded wire dog kennels are made of heavy 8 gauge welded wire mesh with 2" × 4" spacing and 1-3/8" galvanized steel tubing frame. Compared with chain wire dog kennels, this one are stronger and safer as the wire mesh is fully welded to the pipe frame directly without any sharp edges; meanwhile, welded wire mesh are not easy to get loose.

Metal bar dog kennel
Metal bar dog kennels are made of robust round or square steel bar structure with high strength and durability. They are generally hot dipped galvanized to withstand years of outdoor use.

Chain wire dog kennel
Chain wire dog kennels are composed of heavy duty 11-1/2 gauge chain link wire mesh and 1-3/8" steel tubing frame. This strong galvanized kennel fits almost kinds of canines and small animals. Chain link wire mesh are woven to durable pipe frame which means you just need to replace the broken part instead of changing all panel when repairing. So they are economical in the long run.

Woven wire dog kennel
Woven wire dog kennels are manufactured from 1/4" weaved wire mesh and quality galvanized square tubular frame 3/4" in size. They are portable and available in a wide range of designs and shapes to meet your needs, each panel is 30" wide and 72" high with 1" bottom legs for easy cleaning.

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