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Welded Fence Panels for All Kinds of Livestock

If you are new to keeping livestock, you may puzzle over the type of fence that recommended for your livestock. Our welded wire fence panels, with a wide range of horizontal & vertical spacing configurations, will give you the best solution whatever livestock animals you are keeping. They are ideal for keeping animals safe but also avoid unwanted animals and predators out.


  • Quality steel material for dependable strength and long service life.
  • Galvanized or PVC coated after welding for Superb rust and corrosion resistant.
  • Interactions are fully welded to keep mesh spacing uniform and distortion free.
  • Smooth surface - sharp burrs are eliminated and rod ends are trimmed for safety of animals and livestock owners.
  • Capable of handling the roughest ranching conditions.
  • Easy to manipulate and install - just using galvanized staples, cable clamps or wire wraps to secure panels together.
Two dogs are confined in welded wire fence

Welded wire fence panels with different configurations are ideal for confining almost kinds of livestock.

Various applications

  • Constructing corral pens.
  • Feed lots.
  • Loafing areas.
  • Keeping livestock safe.
  • Corral fencing.
  • Dividing livestock stalls.
  • Protect a garden.
  • Hay stack protection.
  • Lawn and garden projects.
  • Water gap safety.
  • Fencing a pasture.
  • Other agriculture and industry application.

Different species of animals has different figures and life habits, so different fence configuration are needed. Here are the main types of welded wire fence panels for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and hogs, etc.

A man is bathing a horse in welded wire fence.

Horse panels

Horse panels are generally manufactured from 4 or 6 gauge wires with narrow 4" × 2" spacing to prevent horses from sticking their heads or feet through it. Horse panels are available in height from 4' to 6' and in length from 12' to 24'.

A bull is standing near the welded cattle panels

Cattle & bull panels

Cattle & bull, as the most unruly animals, should be kept in heaviest fencing. Manufactured from heavy 1 gauge galvanized wire, the 5' × 6' panel features 6" × 6" spacing that prevents cattle going through.

Two sheep is kept in welded wire fence.

Sheep & goat panels

Sheep and goat panels are ideal for building pens for sheep and a herd of goats. They are normally manufactured from 4 gauge galvanized wires mesh in height of 42" with gradually diminishing spacing from top to bottom.

A black hog is enclosed by welded wire fence.

Hog panels

Hog panels, made of heavy 2-3/4" gauge or economic 4 gauge steel wires, feature close spacing at the bottom to prevent hogs nuzzling the fence and get out. The panels in size of 16' × 34' are generally recommended.

Some chickens are confined in poultry welded fence.

Poultry panels

Poultry panels are designed to protect chickens, ducks and various poultry from fox, weasel and other predators. So our poultry are manufactured with small opening from 1" × 1" up to 2" × 4" based on your requirements.

A dog is enclosed in the fence that is composed of welded wire fence panels and wood frames.

General-purpose fence panels

If you want to mix several kinds of animals, you may take our general-purpose fence panels that have multiple uses into consideration. Various configurations are available such as 4" × 4", 4" × 8" or 6" × 6" in height from 4' to 8'.

Four main configurations of welded cattle panels

Cattle panel configurations

The configuration of cattle & hog combination panel

Combination of cattle & hog panel

The configuration of welded wire hog panels

Hog panel configuration

The main configuration of welded sheep & goat panels

Sheep & goat panel configuration

Two main configurations of welded horse panels

Horse panel configurations

Two main configurations of welded wire general purpose panels

General purpose panel configurations

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