Three horses are eating grass at ease in the corral composed of portable corral panels.
Two steel corral panels with loop legs in red and green.
A round white pen composed of eight corral panels and a bow gate
Two horses are fenced by fixed knots field fence

The End Solution to Building Temporary Corrals

Searching for the best portable corrals to fence your horses? Our corrals panels and gates will be the best solution to providing a safe and secured place to your animals. Twenty years' experience in manufacturing livestock fencing makes us know your needs clearly and we can pick up the most suitable one for you. Check out the feature of our products, you will never regret to view this page and choose our products in the end.

Why choose us?

We make and sell high quality corral panel and gate products mainly for confining livestock animals, protecting your prized horses, building temporary rodeos and arenas.


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Six Advantages of Our Corral Panels

Comfortable: Make livestock relaxed and enjoy themselves

Large opening of corral panels provide superb visual field without blocking sight of your prized animals. So they never realize they are confined and will enjoy themselves as usual.

Two horses are eating grass at ease in a small pen composed of several three bar corral panels
Quality: Strong structure without deformation

We believe that the quality is the life of an enterprise. So all of our corral panels are manufactured from quality high tensile steel tubing to ensure they work well without deformation.

Several galvanized livestock fencing panels are placed together
Longevity: With excellent rust resistance

Heavy zinc coating and color painted coating provide excellent rust, corrosion and UV resistance to our corral panels. Therefore, they can withstand years of outdoor use.

A cow is in a galvanized corral pen at ease.
Stylish: Simple but reasonable design

All of our corral panels have the simplest structure, but every product details are reasonable. For example, round top corner design without sharp edges effectively avoids damages.

Various types of livestock animals can be confined using corral panels
Versatile: Fit various livestock animals

Corral panels can be used to confining horses, cattle, sheep and various other livestock animals. Meanwhile, they are ideal to build pens, rodeos, arenas and temporary fencing, etc.

Convenient: Easy and quick to assemble

Portable corral panels can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly only by one person no need of any professional tools. Meanwhile, they can be expanded at any time.

Various types of connecting method of corral panels

Consider above key points, we believe our corral panels will be the end solution to ensuring the safety of your horses when and where you need a temporary corrals. Beside quality corral panels, our company also can supply other products including livestock fence panels, welded wire fence panels, field fence, dog kennels, bale feeders, calf pens, square & round pens and accessories such as hookups, fence post, horseshoe latch, gate hinges and panel clamps.

If you have some questions or want more product details and prices, email us directly at We are looking forward to answering your questions.

Hot Products

Steel corral panels, made of round, square or oval tubular steel, are ideal for fencing livestock animals and building horse rodeos.

Corral panels, with assembled or welded structure, are portable and convenient to care your horses, mules and other livestock animals.

Corral gate panels including bow gates and swing gates are designed to provide ease of access for both livestock and herdsman.

Our livestock fence panels with durable pipe & wire structure are ideal to build individual pens, arenas, paddocks, runs and perimeter fence.

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