Bow gate:

Bow gates refer to pre-hung gates that mounted in an 8' high frame to allow livestock, herdsman, trailer, wagons and large equipment to pass through easily. Taking advantage of pin-latch or chain latch connections, they can be easily installed anywhere in the fence line of round pens, arenas, paddocks or working corrals. Meanwhile, superior zinc coating or color painted coating provide excellent resistance to rust and ensures a longer life in the field.


  • Portable structure matching our steel corral panels.
  • Fully welded saddle joints for extra strength.
  • Can be used on uneven ground.
  • Excellent corrosion and UV resistance.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Easy to install - No need of extra post for installation.
  • Any color is available.


  • Width: 4' or 6'.
  • Height: 5', 6', 7', 8' or 9'.
  • Horizontal bars: 3 to 9 upon request.
  • Material:
    • Economical: 1-1/2", 1-3/4" OD steel tubing;
    • Medium duty: 1-5/8" OD steel tubing;
    • Heavy duty: 2" OD round steel tubing;
    • Extra heavy duty: 2" 14 gauge gate & support bar with 2-1/4" OD 14 gauge vertical brace and 2-3/8" OD 10 gauge bow tube.

Single bow gate

A red combined bow gate is placed on the lawn.

Combined bow gate

For the gates in length of 8', 10' and 12', double bow frame type is recommended to ensure its strength. Beside above bow gates, a combined type is also available to be paired with panels as shown in the left picture. The standard type are normally made of 1-5/8" or 2" OD heavy duty steel tubing in length of 10' or 12' with either 4' or 6' gate (custom sizes are available upon your request). Meanwhile, the gates or latch can be custom ordered on the left or right side.

Swing gate:

A galvanized single swing corral gate.

Single swing corral gate

Single swing gates

  • Material: 1-5/8", 1-3/4" or 1-7/8" OD tubing.
  • Available in any configuration as steel corral or livestock fence panels.
  • Can be built in any length up to 20'.
  • Must be hung from a support post.
  • Any color is available.
A red epoxy coated double swing corral gate.

Double swing corral gate

Double-drive swing gates

  • Available for large gate openings up to 40'.
  • They are built in either 1-5/8" OD tube or in 1-7/8" OD tube.
  • Various configurations matching corral steel panel or livestock fence panels.
  • They should be hung from a support post.
  • Any color is available.