Galvanized calf pens are used to keeping calves living individually.

Calf pens provide comfortable single living room for calves

Each calf is born without an immune system so that it cannot fight off any illnesses. So they should be kept in a clean and sterile environment. Meanwhile, putting each calf in its own pen can effectively minimum the spread of disease and ensure them grow healthily before keeping them together. Our calf pens, made of heavy duty galvanized 2" square steel tubular frame, are designed for providing comfortable room for your prized calves.


  • High tensile tubular steel make calf pens strong and durable.
  • Excellent air ventilation without blocking sight makes calves comfortable and healthy.
  • Convenient to separate calves as well as introduce them to group housing.
  • With single or double headlocks and bottle holders on each panel.
  • A divider panel between two feeding holes of a gate panel to avoid cross contamination of feed and water is available upon request.
  • Bottom rails are off the ground for easy cleaning.
  • Fit various barns such as greenhouse or fabric covered barn.
  • Can be assembled into a single pen or multiple pens in a row as shown below:
 A galvanized single calf pen with two blue bottles.

Single calf pen

Multiple galvanized calf pens.

Multiple calf pens


Composition Feature Length Height
Gate panel Gate panel with one or two openings 3' or 4' 3' to 6' or other height upon request.
Side panel Rail side panel 5' or 6'
Part sheeted panel 5' or 6'
Back panel Rail back panel 3' or 4'
Fully sheeted back panel 3' or 4'