A small pen that is composed of round tube steel corral panels

Portable steel panels are easy to set up only by one person.

Do you want a temporary horse stall for your ponies? Do you want to separate an aggressive animal that pushes others in a convenient way? Do you want a commodious place for trail riding and getting as far away from the crowd as possible? If your answer is yes, then please take our steel corral panels into consideration.

Our steel corral panels, as the strongest, most affordable products on the market can work for you whenever you need them. Compared with corral panels, this one is made of high tensile strength steel tubing with superior full welded saddle joints. Therefore, it's strong enough to withstand years of abuse. Meanwhile, all the products are galvanized or color painted after welding to protect the panel from rust and corrosion.


  • Setting up a full sized corral section or small pens.
  • Introducing new livestock animals to each other.
  • Separating a lot for trail riding and horse arenas.
  • Separating yearlings and aggressive horses from others.
  • Rounding up cows, calves, bulls, buffalos and horses in field.
  • Acting as permanent feedlot dividers, horse stall.
  • Protecting trees and bushes.
  • Delineating perimeters and lines, etc.

Numerous Styles of Steel Corral Panels

Pipe shape - round, square & oval

Steel corral panels can be manufactured in a wide range of styles. For example, corral panels are available in three pipe shapes: round tube panel, square tube panel as well as oval tube panel as shown in the following pictures:

Several green steel corral panels are mounted together.

Round tube panel

Round pens that are composed of square tube steel corral panels

Square tube panel

Calves are enclosed by oval tube steel corral panels

Oval tube panel

Normally, round tube panels are constructed of quality steel pipes in diameter from 1" to 2-1/4", square tube panels are available in size from 3/4" × 3/4" to 2" × 2" pipe while oval tube is in size of 30 × 60mm or 40 × 80mm. Custom sizes can be also supplied as your request.

Six connecting methods


Six connecting methods of steel corral panels

Out hot products:

A red steel corral panel SCP-1 with six horizontal bars, loop legs and round top corners.



  • Bent top corners are much safer for horses and other livestock animals.
  • Reinforced loop leg to prevent the panel from sinking into mud and avoid panels being wedged to each other.
  • I-shaped vertical support brace in the middle to take pressure.
  • Quick pin-latch connections make the panel easy to set-up and tear down.
  • Size: 1-3/4" round tubular panel in length from 6' to 20'; 2' round tubular panel in length from 4' to 16'; 1-1/2" square tubular panel in length from 10' to 20'.
A red steel corral panel SCP-2 with seven  horizontal bars and gradually closer spacing form top to bottom.



  • Constructed of 1" high tensile steel tubing.
  • Gradually closer rail spacing from top rail to the bottom.
  • Ideal for enclosing small animals such as sheep and calves.
  • Usable on uneven ground.
  • Welded J-shaped hinges makes it easy to build a pen, runway or arenas.
  • Flush bottom that prevent small animals running out of the fence.
  • One or two vertical tubular bracing for reinforce the panel.
  • Available in length from 4' to 8', in height from 36" to 74".
A red steel corral panel SCP-3 with six horizontal bars, right-angle tops and J-shaped legs.



  • Right-angle top corner with sealed ends.
  • Unique J-leg design offers a small contact surface with ground for preventing unwanted panel movement.
  • I-shaped or round tubing vertical brace for maximum strength and durability.
  • Follow the terrain - usable on uneven ground.
  • Color painted or galvanized as your request.
  • Available in 5' and 6' tall, 10' to 16' long; constructed of 1-5/8" or 2" quality steel tubing.
  • Brace number: different according to panel length.
A red steel corral panel SCP-4 with four horizontal bars, right-angle top corner and straight legs.



  • Economic corral panels with four, five, six horizontal bars.
  • Optional style: with straight legs or looped legs.
  • Ideal for enclosing a lot for riding and traveling.
  • Round tubular vertical brace to maximum strength of the panel.
  • 1-1/2" or 1-3/4" round high tensile steel tubing.
  • Galvanized or color painted as your request.
  • Available in length from 10' to 16'.
A red steel corral panel SCP-5 with six horizontal bars, right-angle top corners and straight legs.



  • Straight post design makes the panel easy to dig in the ground to stay put.
  • Every pipe is sealed to protect the inside of tube elements from rusting.
  • Ideal for roping arenas, delineating perimeter and confining animals.
  • Heavy gauge laser precision cut brace for maximum strength.
  • Available 6' to 16' long and 5' to 6' tall.
  • Material: 2" 16 gauge vertical tubing and brace; 2" 16 gauge tubing & 2-1/4" 14 gauge precision cut laser brace.
A red steel corral panel SCP-6 with six horizontal bars, right-angle corners and flush bottom.



  • Heavy duty panel
  • Flush bottom effectively prevent panels sinking to mud.
  • Sealed round or square tube for excellent rust resistance.
  • Ideal for rodeos and confining various livestock animals.
  • Available in height of 60" or 72"
  • Length: from 10' to 16' or others as your request.
  • Material: 2" 16 gauge tubing & 10 gauge brace in diameter of 2-3/8"; 2" 14 gauge tubing & 2-1/4" 14 gauge brace.

Beside above widely used styles, our company can also supply others to suit your different needs. Specific styles also can be supplied according to your order.

A cow is confined in a small square pen which is composed of steel corral panels with looped tops

Steel corral panels with looped tops.

A steel corral panel with vertical bars

Steel corral panels with vertical bars.

A steel corral panel with vertical bars and steel plates.

Steel corral panels with bottom steel sheet.