Livestock fence panels are generally composed of steel tubular frame and welded wire mesh with closer space than traditional corral panels. They are ideal for building paddocks or pens where there is a need for a safe and secure fence to keep your prized animals in and predators out. Whether you want a single fence panel or a complete fencing system, our company will give the best solution to suit your needs.

Half wire attached fence system that is used to protect horses from predators.

Livestock fence panels are ideal for keeping your livestock in and predators out.

A complete fence system that is composed of full wire attached panels and gates.

Full wire attached style


  • Extremely safe and durable.
  • Galvanized surface provides decades of use and retains its decorative shiny appearance.
  • All joints are notched and fully welded for providing maximum strength as well as protecting the panel from moisture.
  • Sealed ends by welding caps to the top and bottom of rails to prevent moisture leaking into the panel and enhance appearance.
  • Vertical braces for maximizing the strength of panels with length larger than 6'.
  • Ideal for building individual pens, portable arenas, paddocks, runs and perimeter fence.
  • Suitable for confining almost all livestock animals, such as horses, dogs, sheep, cow, emus, hogs, swine, llamas, calf, puppy and alpacas.
  • Slanted panels for following the slop changes are also available.
  • Matching gates with welded latches are available to fit your livestock fence panels.
  • Can be expanded at any time.
  • Custom styles are also available to suit your needs.
  • We can also help you to design the most suitable panel for your livestock animals.


Two main styles including full or partial wire attached panels can be offered as following:

Full wire attached style panels

  • Height: 46".
  • Length: 8' or 16'.
  • Tubing diameter: 1-5/8".
  • Tubing material: 15 or 16 gauge galvanized tubing.
  • Wire mesh spacing: 3" × 8".
  • Wire mesh material: 4 gauge galvanized wire.
  • Door: 3' wide.

Partial wire attached style panels

  • Height: 48".
  • Length: 8' or 12'.
  • Tubing diameter: 1-5/8" or 1-7/8" based on panel sizes.
  • Tubing material: 15 or 16 gauge galvanized tubing.
  • Wire mesh spacing: 2" × 4".
  • Wire mesh material: 6 gauge galvanized wire.
  • Door: 3' or 6' wide.